Join Us:
    Sunday School at 10:00am
    Morning Worship at 11:00am
    Evening Service at 3:00pm
    Wednesday Evening at 7:00pm


Orlando Baptist Temple is an Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church serving God in Orlando, FL. It was started in 1952 by Pastor Robert Flemming and was originally located at 4470 W. Colonial Drive until the church relocated in 2006 to its current location. Orlando Baptist Temple is a church that stands for the King James Bible, inerrancy of the scripture, salvation through grace, sole liberty, eternal security of the believer, pre-tribulation rapture of the church, and separation of the Christian to holiness. We are a church that still believes in the “Great Commission” and we feel a responsibility to carry the Gospel to Orlando, FL and the rest of the world through soul winning and missions.

We are a busy and excited church that is on the go and growing. We have a great vision and are striving to keep improving until the Lord returns. We are the parent to a great Christian school and several other programs geared to reach the youth of our community. We offer Bible centered preaching and spirit-filled singing each service.

Our ministry is under the leadership of our pastor, Dr. Russell Riggs. We would love to have you as a part of our church family, so give us a visit and you just might find a home.